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We power cycle, reboot, and reset screwed brains.
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ALL STAR Official Logo (copyright-protected!eheheheh!)
ALL STAR  is a unique, phenomenal, and historical group of 17  members. It consists of on line technicians, Subject Matter Experts, Supervisor, and Manager. Joseph L or popularly called as daddy Otep pioneered ALL STAR then followed by 15 tekies. They work with Sutherland Global Services (Manila Facility) and handles technical issues for their customers who have AT&T U-verse services that includes IPTV, High Speed Internet, and VOIP products. 

Sounds so business huh? Nah! ALL STAR is just like a typical click barkada or dabarkads who wants to party and burn out during rest days and even unscheduled day.  ALL STAR continues to soar and evidently most of its members were already promoted like Daddy Otep(APM-ikaw na), Xtian(Sup), Jun-jun, RJ, and Cherry (SME), Mhoj(ICU), and the rest remains as a Senior Techs or Ambassadors.  :)

July 25-1st Year Anniversary
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