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TEKY WORLD (non-profit org) is an on-line community or group of technical support associates from the different BPO industries here in the Philippines and abroad. They share ideas on the latest and newest trends of technology. They share stories from all walks of life that includes their experiences as a Tech at work and on the phone.  

Note: This website does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

TekyWorld© All Rights Reserved 2010

The Publisher - Naino Gadingan

Akez at ang Jowakez! Echoz!
Some time ago I was told that About Me pages should be written in the third person.
I had an about me page that surfers loved, but it made me sound like an automaton. I’m all done listening to random people.

Here’s the thing, I'm one of the "Bekimons" out here. I’ve got three sisters and two brothers, and am the third child among the six siblings.
Nothing is so much popular about me but my friends and colleagues once told me that "I'm one of a kind specie"! Well that's cool and it means so much to me.

I love to write and so I love to blog. I always express my thoughts and ideas freely but in a sensitive way. 

It has been my passion to write and it was all started when I was in grade school as a "cartoonist". I'm not an excellent cartoonist but every single artwork had expressed a thousand thoughts and ideas. My passion continued when I reached high school as a staff writer, then a feature editor. I had been exposed to a lot of useful and unforgettable seminars and conferences local and national level. I was greatly challenged when I reached my college life. I thought I could finally concentrate  my course which was Nursing but my precious time was unequally divided. My passion continued and I would say it drove me crazy because I was unable to finish my collage course. Nevertheless, I was able to finish two diplomas in Health Aide and Midwifery. Well, I guess I had loved studying the human body and primary care. I was able then to fulfill my passion in writing when  someone started to encourage me to join our university newspaper and magazine. Of course, I started to write as a staff writer and finally a news editor. I was not given the chance or I would say I was that unfortunate to become an Editor-In-Chief of our beloved publication because someone had deserved better than anyone else. I'm not into positions anyway. I'm into contributions! And I would say that my greatest contribution was to create and host our on line publication and magazine and I was completely satisfied with it because the student body was able to voiced out and express themselves through on line media. 

As of this time, I am currently working as senior technical support associate to one of the greatest BPO companies in the Philippines and in the United States. I and my colleagues handles technical issues to one of the best and largest telecommunication, IPTV, High Speed Internet providers in the US. Working in a BPO company is stressful, however it worth the pay. And since I am in a BPO industry, I took the courage to enroll in an on line distant learning at Belford University Texas taking up Communications. I study during my spare time.

tekyworld.weebly.com is only a single way to continue my passion in writing and blogging.

Your contributions, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. Simply email me at ngadingan@gmail.com with a subject line "tekyworld" followed by your own subject. Spammers are automatically junk. :-)
TekyWorld© All Rights Reserved 2010

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