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25 Hot Careers That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

What did you want to be when you grew up? Astronaut? Movie star? Superhero? Whatever made your list, green marketer probably wasn't on it--but that job may be on the lists of today's youngsters. 
Here's a list of emerging careers that you (and your inner child) can get excited about. You couldn't have daydreamed about any of these jobs when you were a child--because they didn't exist then. In fact, they're so new that, although they're starting to be recognized, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't yet have data on them. If you've been looking for a new dream job or haven't decided what you want to be when you "grow up," these are 25 new options.

A specialized business degree can help you obtain the skills you need to work in one of these professions.

1. Business continuity specialists plan and implement recovery solutions to keep businesses functioning during disasters and emergency situations.

2. Electronic commerce specialists analyze online buyers' preferences and handle online sales strategies, including marketing, advertising, and website design.

3. Social media managers/strategists use social technologies like Facebook to reach out to customers, and they build social networks within companies.

4. Virtual concierges provide professional concierge services--for business or personal needs--with the convenience of being just an email away.

5. User experience analysts collect data on website usage and provide insight about users' experiences by using psychological, computer-science, and industrial-design knowledge to test theories and draw conclusions.

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Rising numbers of college communications programs are offering instruction that can lead to one of these cutting-edge jobs.

1. Bloggers research and write blog content for news websites, public and private corporations, government offices, and many other organizations with blogs.

2. Content managers develop strategies for creating, updating, and organizing Web content, typically with the goal of attracting new visitors.

3. Online political campaign managers develop and manage strategies for using Internet and social technologies to help politicians get elected.

4. Video journalists design and produce online videos that document information, news, and events.

Start with an education degree program, and then take specialized classes to launch one of these careers.

1. Athletic compliance coordinators ensure that athletic programs receiving government funding meet government regulations.

2. Adaptive physical education specialists help people with disabilities participate in physical education programs and activities.

3. Distance learning coordinators schedule courses and coordinate distance learning programs.

4. Home-school liaisons establish and manage partnerships between parents and schools.

5. School diagnosticians assess and diagnose the learning problems of students.

Depending on your interest, you may need a degree in environmental science or business for one of these jobs.

1. Carbon credit traders handle the purchase and sale of carbon-emissions permits for companies.

2. Environmental economists measure the benefits and potential drawbacks of renewable energy and other environmental alternatives.

3. Environmental restoration planners work with scientific staff to implement plans that reverse environmental damage.

4. Green marketers promote green products and services.

5. Recycling coordinators administer drop-off and curbside recycling programs with government and waste-disposal agencies.

Requirements for one of these jobs may run the gamut from on-the-job training to a specializedengineering or business bachelor's or master's degree.

1. Biofuels/biodiesel product development managers plan and execute research programs that evaluate alternative biofuels/biodiesel technologies.

2. Biomass plant technicians monitor biomass plant activities (biomass is biological matter that can be turned into a renewable energy source).

3. Energy auditors inspect buildings and systems to maximize energy efficiency and cut energy costs.

4. Energy brokers buy and sell energy for customers.

5. Fuel cell engineers design and build fuel cell systems for all types of devices, including cars and phones.

6. Methane/landfill gas collection system operators run the day-to-day business of landfill gas projects, including compliance and reporting requirements.

The best part of dreaming about careers as a kid was the sense of wonder and excitement--the belief that you would have a job that was on the cutting edge of discovery. Your future career was going to be thrilling! With a bit of career training to prepare you for any of these 25 emerging careers, it still can be. by JoVon Sotak, FindtheRightSchool.com


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